Labor MP’s who may be Dual Citizens

A few Labor (ALP) Members of Parliament are being questioned over Possible Dual Citizenship problems..

The problems with Australian Members of Parliament, unknowingly or knowingly, holding dual citizenship is being delved into further with more possible MP’s being questioned about their current status.

The latest four to be asked about this are: Tony Zappia, born in Italy, with Italian Citizenship, Maria Vamvakinou born in Greece with Greek Citizenship, Justine Keay, born in Australia but with a British father and Susan Lamb, born in Australia but with British father.

A Statement from the Government: “We haven’t seen any evidence from Tony Zappia or from Maria Vamvakinou of whether the Greek or Italian governments have renounced their citizenship and the same for Susan Lamb from the UK, so the Labor Party needs to produce the evidence or the government will obviously consider its options.”
That demand has been declined by Labor.

Tony Zappia, born in Italy, with Italian Citizenship.

South Australian MP Tony Zappia was born in Italy in 1952 and won the federal seat of Makin in 2004, told SBS World News he lost his Italian citizenship by default when he became an Australian in 1958.
The Italian consulate in Sydney said that before 1992, Italians who became citizens of other nations automatically lost their Italian citizenship.
– Italian citizens who were naturalised in their adopted country prior to August 15, 1992, can reinstate it by returning to Italy and residing there for at least one year.

Maria Vamvakinou born in Greece with Greek Citizenship.

Maria Vamvakinou, born in Greece in 1959, a member of the Australian House of Representatives since November 2001.
Proof of Citizenship renunciation is being requested.

Justine Keay, born in Australia but with a British father.

Justine Keay was born in Tasmania in 1975, ALP member for Braddon since 2016, received confirmation that her British citizenship had been renounced on July 11, 2016, 9 days after the July 2nd polling day.

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Susan Lamb, born in Australia but with British father.

Susan Lamb was born in Queensland in 1972, she is the ALP Member for the Division of Longman.
Her statements regarding renunciation of British Citizenship have been: “On 23 May 2016 I took all necessary steps to renounce by completing and sending the UK Home Office Form RN, “Declaration of Renunciation of British Citizenship”, and paying the requisite fee”. “Australia Post confirmed the Renunciation form was received by the UK Home Office in Liverpool on 25 May 2016.” “I was subsequently cleared to stand by the Labor Party, and nominated on 7 June 2016”.

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