Partner Visa Subclass 300 Processing times

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Processing times for the PMV Subclass 300 Visa.

The PMV Subclass 300 Visa is the Prospective Marriage Visa, for those couples who do not have sufficient relationship evidence to apply for a standard Partner visa, the 820/801 or 309/100 options.

After the PMV is granted, and after the subsequent marriage, they can then apply for the Onshore 820 Partner Visa, for a smaller additional charge.

Subclass 300 Processing Times in months.

The figures quoted under the heading “range” are the 75% and 90% processing times, where 75% are finalised under the the first number and 10% are finalised in the second number or longer.

For example, in December 2020, the times quoted were 19-24. This meant that 75% were done in under 19 months and 90% were finalised in under 24 months. This left 10% taking over 24 months in that period.

Included in that 75% that took under 19 months, half of the total of grants and refusals were finalised in under 14.6 months, with the fastest 25% being finalised in under 6 months.

Month Average Fastest 25% Slowest 10% Range
Dec 2020 14.6 6 24 19-24
Nov 2020 11.8 5 21 19-21
Oct 2020 15.4 10 29 16-29
Sep 2020 18.4 n/a
Aug 2020 19.4 12 30 26-30
Jul 2020 16.3 12 29 16-29
Jun 2020 14.4 13 18 16-18
May 2020 15.2 n/a
Apr 2020 13.1 n/a
Mar 2020 10.8 7 17 13-17
Feb 2020 11.9 9 21 15-21
Jan 2020 12.9 9 22 16-22
Dec 2019 13.8 23 17-23
Nov 2019 14.5
Oct 2019 13.8
Sep 2019 11.3
Aug 2019 12.9
Jul 2019 12.5
Jun 2019 12.1
May 2019 9.6
Apr 2019 11.8
Mar 2019 11.3
Feb 2019 11.7
Jan 2019 10.4

The missing figures for 2019 will be completed once checked.

Sources: FOI-21/02/01364

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  3. I made an application for my fiance from Indonesia at the beginning of February 2019. We have completed all the medicals and provided all other info. Is there any chance we will get the visa soon or will we have to wait until next year at the earliest

    1. It can vary depending on how good your application is, if everything required is supplied, and how fast the local office works.

      I’ve seen one application from Indonesia, made in December 2018, and still waiting.

      Some recent subclass 300 grants:
      05/09/19 300 Finalised after 4.1 months, from Singapore
      06/09/19 300 Finalised after 14.3 months, from South Africa
      06/09/19 300 Finalised after 6.5 months, from Mexico
      06/09/19 300 Finalised after 3.3 months, from France
      16/09/19 300 Finalised after 5.2 months, from Morocco
      18/09/19 300 Finalised after 10.1 months, from Lebanon
      19/09/19 300 Finalised after 16.5 months, from Philippines
      27/09/19 300 Finalised after 3.6 months, from India
      11/10/19 300 Finalised after 9.7 months, from Iran
      23/10/19 300 Finalised after 18.5 months, from Philippines
      25/10/19 300 Finalised after 12.7 months, from Vietnam

  4. I applied Visa 300 my fiance below from Thailand and still I am waiting answer visa from from 17/11/20017 17 months total waiting.

    1. Immigration do say that 75% are processed in under 15 months and 10% are processed in over 21 months.

      You are definitely in the 25% over 15 months.

      Due to the fact that many are done in 12 months or less, even from Thailand, it may be that something is not right in the application, or it may have just stalled in the system.

      Was this done through an Agent, or by yourselves? Have you double checked that nothing is missing in the application.

      Have you added further documents to show your continued relationship/contact, during the waiting time? If not, I would suggest doing that, even if just to wake them up, and remind them about your application.

      Being over 12 months, you may be asked to do the Medicals and Police Clearance again.

      1. I did my application through an Agent, and my last request for additional documentation about my relationship was delivered on April 2018 including a document was requested from Migration of mi fiancé proof she is not married (again) from that date I have sent information about my last two trips to visit my fiancé, also through my agent we have asked to migration about update request for Medical and Police Clearance due that had been expired, after three email we have sent, we have not gotten any answer (just the automatic getting information) about the questions we have requested.
        Extra information I got support from my Parliament member from my suburb (Parramatta) her office contacted to Migration by phone and email asking about the process of my visa, however there is not was any different action from Migration.
        I have called them by phone plenty times to ask about the status of my application but I have gotten always same answer, Visa is in process with out any decision yet. I know still I am in the “average” but is too frustrating we have not getting any contact from the Migration.
        In two week I am doing my fifth trip to visit my fiancé, and as I have done before I will sent my ticket fly and border stamp giving as follow up my access to Thailand.
        I am open to get any advice, in addition I have gave them extra information about our relation ship in spite the have not requested nothing else.

        1. You say you have had support from your local member of Parliament.

          If they can’t get any faster movement from Immigration, then it seems like just waiting is the only option.

          Obviously continue to send any documents, flight tickets, etc., to show the continued relationship.

          1. Of course still I don’t give me up, any chance I have to send something to Migration I am doing. The point is we can’t get any answer from migration. Is frustrating and I have red on many places all migration process have been to slow procedures. Anyway I am happy to share my experience not only to find some way could give to get my goal. My happiness is I know I am close to the final process and I feel sorry for the people is coming behind me.

            I will keep in touch.

  5. An example of subclass 300 (PMV) visa processing times in February and March 2019.

    12.2 months from China
    10.2 months from UK
    7.9 months from Netherlands
    6.2 months from UK
    5.6 months from Albania

    An example of grants from the same forum, but a year earlier, February 2018,
    12.9 months from Philippines
    10.8 months from Thailand
    2.3 months from Germany
    2.0 months from UK

    This shows the easy applications have slowed down, due to larger numbers of applications, and fewer visas available, but the complex, or incomplete, applications are similar in time frame, with the same longer processing times.

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